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(THIS PRODUCT IS IN ADDITION TO SPIDER CHAIR OFFICE FURNITURE that you will read of after introduction to this new green light automobile warning device)

          Considering the great amount of miss-communication acknowledgements of automobile driver errors in America, our safety division has originated a front end green signal light to be mounted on all vehicles.

           This green light will be hard-wired to the accelerator  (gas pedal) for when the driver exerts pressure on the accelerator the green light mounted on the grill of automobiles will turn on to show a green light for 7 seconds to indicate the vehicle is in forward motion and henceforth for the other driver to discontinue moving forward.

          This system could very easily make for the avoidance of thousands of accidents nationwide annually to save drivers millions of dollars in emergency hospital admissions and even slow speed cause of death accidents. As we know these miss- communication accidents also lead to millions of dollars in property damage accidents every year that could be easily avoided if drivers would have an advance warning that an oncoming automobile at an intersection was in the forward motion.

This product will also be presented to the Insurance companies of America to give drivers an insurance premium discount who have this green light warning device installed on their vehicles.

          This product could be promoted to automobile manufacturers and or as an after-market safety warning device available at auto parts stores across America to be installed at service stations. The installation will be very simple by including necessary brackets to fasten this green light to all styles of front automobile grills. (See illustrations below) Currently our design calls for this green light signal device to be electrically hard-wired to the accelerator so that when the accelerator is pressed down the green light will be turned on.  There could be a possibility with adequate funding, to upgrade this product to become a motion controlled device.

          This green light warning device will cost an estimated $6.50 to produce and $1.50 for packaging. The retail price will be an estimated $39.95 plus an approx. installation fee of $19.00 for fifteen minutes of installation time. After installation operational usage could be up to four years depending on what type of traffic driving is done by the driver.







(A most positively webbed company)


CONTACT Information
Russell D. Ward 716-587-1120

The following information introduces a new concept of supplying your office furniture needs while also providing you with our Spider Office Furniture Technology (soft) weekly employee self development talks. Our furniture comes with a spider web sketch adhered to all pieces of office furniture to remind employees to do their best to be the most efficient they can to become successful in their own lives and of course for that of the company they work for.

(All furniture orders come with 52 separate informational talks that can be used in weekly employee self- development talks.) even if employees do not have problems with substance or life style abuse this information may provide them to help someone else with the advice and good intentions of these talks.

The concept of SOFT comes from the following drawing of SOFT’s Spider Chair. Our Spider Chair features a foot rest to enable workers to take their feet off the ground to release lower extremity pressures. Our chair also has a spider web and date it was manufactured displayed on it. Buyers of this product line can choose whether or not to have the year date of manufacture displayed on their office furniture.

Buyers can also choose which following spider web designs they would prefer to have displayed on their office furnishings.

All you have to do is submit your office furniture requests to the above contacts and we will respond as quickly as possible with a quoted price, delivery and installation information. We can ship furniture anywhere in the continental United States.


Office Chair with Foot Rest

Spider Chair

Patent Pending 2017

            If you do a quick study on spiders, you will find out there are 45,700 species that have roamed the Earth for 380 million years. These really clever creatures come in all different shapes and sizes, some with two eyes, four eyes and even eight eyes to be very aware of what is going on around and even behind them. Their sharp fangs dig into their prey and even inject powerful vermin to render their catches helpless. Spiders weave webs to set traps and at other times stalk and run after their prey until they catch them.

            Many office managers hope they can hire employees who are strong and ambitious, while at the same time have ability, talent and wisdom to do the best job possible for their company. Now Spider Office Furniture Technology has developed a strategy to promote all of the goodness a manager hopes they have hired to get the job done. Employees will be reminded of how clever spiders are and how much they need to act with a spider’s methodology and be goal oriented every time they come into to work.

            Spider Office furniture now offers many different office furnishing complete with their own spider web design. Now office managers can merge their pep talks with reference to the spider web designs on the furniture and equipment presently in office work space. Studies have proven; when employees are constantly reminded of working with the pride of accomplishment and using the best of their abilities to pursue their tasks in the best way possible, they usually give the best work performance.

Samples of spider webs to be considered to be used in conjunction with self development talks

Chair Green Green


Chair Netural Neutral


Chair Black Black

The above spider web designs can be selected as patterns to be used in our technology of promoting employee self development, efficiency, dedication and job pride to your employees. Managers can elect to purchase their furnishings with the name of Spider Office Furniture Technology (as seen below) to remind them of the self improvement talks they have listened to and forth coming talks.  patent pending 2017



Blue Spider

The following office furniture is inclusive of our Spider Technology as a sample in the color blue. A spider web is imprinted on each separate piece of office furnishings available through our purchasing network. Purchasers may also chose from other sample web designs above.


For prices and ordering for any of the following office furniture, please contact Russell Ward at 716-587-1120   russbuis@aol.com

L-Workstation Desk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

66” W x 78”D Starting at $6,274.00

2-Seat lounge-$2,400.00
1 Seat Lounge-  $1,685.00

Hutch- 60”W x 72” H by 18” D   $5,700.00


Work Station  60” with Figure 8 design and adjoining roller Desk  $2,950.00

Padded Chair   $799.00


Hutch Cabinet-60” W x 72” H  $6,450.00

Mahogany Work Desk with Extension $4,200.00

Black padded Office Chair  $799.00 Assorted Colors


Work Station Desk 48”L x 22” W  $655.00

2 Drawer Filing Cabinets  $225.00

High Back Office Chairs  $295.00

Assorted Office Furnishings, Call for quotes


Padded Office Chair  $859.00

Ribbed office Chair  $325.00

5 Shelf Cabinet  $479.00

Assorted Cabinets, Call for quotes

4 Drawer Cabinets $359.00


2 Drawer Wood Filing Cabinet  $579.00



The sample self development talks you’ll read in the following are designed to assist company staff  (employees) to not abuse substances or lifestyles, which in return will allow them to think clearly and work more efficiently.

Copyright 2014: Please do not copy, photocopy or record into any part of the following into any written document or electronic device to be used at a future time, without the expressed permission of the author.


INTRODUCTION Sample; SELF DEVELOPMENT TALKS to be given weekly by office managers.

Stopping many people from Abusing substances and lifestyle habits by using humor and good sense

The following subject categories are samples of various subject matters that may be of interest to workers to assist them with stopping possible over indulgence or abuse



Talk #3 DRUGS






       In the following are some snippets from our many humorous suggestions, helpful techniques and methods to reinforce attitudes towards not becoming abusive with alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, cigarette smoking and other forth coming mentions that interfere with providing our best performances which benefit ourselves, our families and our places of employment to become as successful as possible.

       Perhaps one is a bit overweight, or possibly grossly obese. Do you drink too much booze and your eyes look a little bloodshot and puffy together and you’re having trouble standing up straight? Do you use drugs and show it with your starry eyes, expressionless face and jibber-jabber conversation? Have you checked your lifestyle habits lately? Perhaps you are feeling depressed because you’re gambling away too much money, or looking haggard from smoking too much. It’s your life; why not make the best of it? 

         Isn’t it time to take control of your life?  Isn’t it time to create a better life for yourself? What better you could there be than one that shows you are aware, healthy, and in complete control of your life? Life has many questions, but few answers to help you get to where you really want to be.  During these self improvement talks you will encounter hundreds of stories, bits of advice, and helpful techniques and methods intended to help stop abusing substances and living with habits that are hurting your ability to be the best you can be.

          Sometimes we form bad habits, such as gambling, overeating, or abusing substances like drugs, alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. People who get trapped in unhealthy lifestyle choices do not realize they have cheated themselves financially, physically, occupationally, and emotionally. Often these habits cause troubled family relationships and misunderstandings with others. People who have these problems must first see the problem, then kill the destructive tendencies, whatever they are. One effective way to handle these problems is to ridicule, or “make fun” of them, before they become an addiction. We must learn to reject whatever is bad for us. When we view our abuses as situations to be dealt with, we become free to be the masters of our own lives. You may have become dependent on these things without even realizing it was happening. The following humorous vignettes will help you get perspective and allow you to put those nasty life habits in their proper places.  Perhaps you will be able to see these problems as insignificant in your life through the age old strategy of humor. 

          What should we do about these thoughts and temptations that cause us to use and abuse substances and vices?   Blow ‘em up! Smash them to smithereens! Squash them to minuscule little substances of nothing, and then laugh at your temptations to use or do whatever is bad for you.  Make it the subject of a joke!

          The SOFT self improvement talk program will give ideas and inspirations for going forward to help us live better lives without abusing alcohol, drugs, gambling, food or cigarettes.  We hope these many stories will show you how to grow and to become the very best person you can be. Get ready for several humorous anecdotal stories and advice through five different subject “characters,” each of whom presents a unique system of ridiculing life’s temptations.  The world in which we live presents countless stressors from families, relationships, school and work that may cause anxieties in our lives. The “SOFT” Program” in our self improvement series introduces many fantasy products, methods and techniques to help build resistance to overeating. The next part of our series gives attention to many topic matters to concern ourselves with to stay drug free. The third section of the series introduces Al Cohol, who is responsible for many ridiculous stories of alcohol abuse. Ami Washedup helps the reader see the wasteful corruption of gambling, and finally, Joe Butts informs us of the many social and health hazards of smoking cigarettes. So please stay tuned in for some great ideas and information to make you greater than you have ever been.


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             Many people believe they are strong enough to not let substances, or other vices, become an addiction. For this reason they may only abuse substances, or practice poor decision making on weekends, or during time off, and then believe they are ready to get back to their responsibilities the next day. This seldom works as planned, since the effects of overindulgences in bad habits keeps us down and out for days afterward. As we supply you with a winning concept of light humor to make your temptations less serious, please relax. Joking about that which harms us can help build our strength to once again make us stand tall without abusing booze, drugs, food, cigarettes or gambling

           Did you ever notice how much more you accomplish when you are having fun?  Through “SOFT” we are going to show you 101 ways to laugh and cry yourself slimmer. Now that you’re here, we want you to know that we don’t care if you’re female, male, or halfway between. It doesn’t matter whether you are black, white, red, yellow, or some purple alien who was spotted in a UFO last year. Through learning about our “Soft” products, techniques, and methods you will see they do not promote some fancy diet that makes a lot of promises. We hope you will come away from this book with a humorous mentality you can apply to any diet you would like to pursue.

          Do you think you can hide from “SOFT” We are going to be in every room of your house reminding you of your ability to help yourself with humorous thoughts. When we finally drive you totally out of your mind and you run out of the office seeking freedom by taking off in your automobile, planning to stop someplace in desperation for food, you’ll discover your vehicle has been rigged with diet reminders too. “SOFT”” household products, techniques, and methods will all soon be available for your house, car, and your personal self, and will in fact, “booby-trap” your life and will make you slimmer. Yes, we believe constant assault measures are most effective.


          Consider the 30%, or over 300 million American citizens who are obese.  Many people have normal eating habits that develop into erratic eating habits, and from there develop into routine overeating. For the sake of classifying major food culprits, we have put together some choice categories of eating habits. If you are having weight problems, try to discover what kind of poor eating habit you have that is giving you a problem. 

See if you can identify yourself!

Skinny Dippers:  This type of eater consumes small portions all day long. The problem lies in the fact that they also eat their three full meals in the day. A little skinny piece of this and a little dip of something else all add up to a whole lot of too much dipping, and that doesn’t give you a body for skinny dipping, to say the least.

Sneaky-Petes:  These are people who try not to draw attention to their overindulgences. These people literally sneak around their residences grabbing at whatever food they can grab. These sneaky people usually load up their houses with all sorts of food. They have special little treats in various locations where other people would never think to look, such as brownies in their dresser drawers. Take a look in their vehicles, and one might find a bag of candy or some other treats. Some say the drive thru lines at fast food restaurants are kept in business by those Sneaky Petes, sneaking in little ‘snack’ stops while going here or there.

Late night attackers:  Enough is enough for most people, but the late night attackers are thinking they will get hungry while sleeping. To save the night, one more snack will do just fine. These people often invent circumstances that lead to late night nibbling, and you may find yourself indulging right along with them. Remember this warning!

.                                                             “SOFT” Solutions

          Are you tired of just going along doing what continues to hurt you? Now you can apply one of our secret “SOFT” techniques to change your habits. Here are some suggestions that may help you. Tomorrow, grab a bag of cookies and run down to your nearest waterway. Upon arriving, throw the cookies (one by one) into the water and watch them submerge. This experience will make you remember you were able to detach yourself from food, and will help you to keep in mind there is another option for the food that won’t make you overweight.

          Many times our incorrect behavior is kept secret. We suggest you confess your little food affair to someone near and dear.  Once your confidant knows what you are up to, you’ll have a better chance of changing your habits.

          Another way to prevent certain behaviors from leading you to break your scale is this: the next time you finish dinner, look for a certain snack you think you might want to eat later that night. Take a couple good bites of that certain treat and now throw the rest away. After repeating this technique for five nights, we guarantee you will not be snacking later at night because you will know after two bites you’re going to throw it all away.

          We all come from families that affectionately help us to form positive and negative characteristics within our overall characters. It is up to us to recognize certain weaknesses in our own characters, and to stay on track toward well-focused health consciousness. We are not overweight because of any abnormal physical condition; we are overweight because we eat too much.

          Most of us can claim we come from families that maintained justifiable behavior, in other words, they were ‘normal.’ We claim these things because no one wants to expose abnormalities in his or her family that might have led us to certain adverse behaviors. Therefore it must be understood that we need to recognize, reprioritize, and re-establish our behaviors so we may become one of the generally slimmer body shapes we desire to be.


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Talk #3 DRUGS

            So now we have spent some time talking about keeping control of our weight. Now the next item of mention is that of abusing drugs. As your manager I know that evryone here is in control of their exposures to any drug or prescription that needs to be taken. Some of the following stories are illustrated just for you to keep in mind any possibilities of abusing drugs.                                             

When it comes to drugs, it is important to follow instructions given on prescription medicines and for any temptation to abuse drugs it is very important get them out of our lives any way we can. Throw them away, step on them, crush them, drop them off at a police station, or throw them off a one hundred story building- just get rid of them!


Drugs are terrible. Any kind of drugs offered to you, or that you might be tempted to buy are a waste of time. The only drugs  (actually called prescriptions or medicine) a person should ever take are those taken when they are sick or to keep them from getting sicker. No matter what emotional problems you might have, drugs will only cover over your problems and make them worse as you try to ignore them. Young people who take drugs for whatever reason eventually cannot think properly and end up losing all of their good friends, and comitt crimes, trying to get more money for drugs.  They often end up in jail.


In most cases, when we introduce drugs to our bodies, the ravaging effects of suicidal thoughts and physical atrophy can be reversed or stopped althogether. Drug use, like alcoholism, is tough to quit. When people to try to quit either of these two things, it is often said that they are “on the wagon,” or “going straight.” When people stop doing drugs they can very well become quite normal again-or at least re-accepted into their families, circles of friends, and society in general. Understandably, the consignment to normacy is a wonderful thing since everyone wants to fit in. Well, now is your chance to get your life back into your own hands.


The following are some reprecussions from using drugs.


·       Anger brought on by not understanding the real situation

·       Anxiety brought about by inability to maintain a healthy life style

·       Interior organ damage such as your liver or kidneys

·       Behavior changes caused by chemical  imbalances within your bodily system

·       Discouragement resulting from mental deficiencies 

·       Feeling sad or empty related to inability to correlate proper communications with the surrounding 


·       Feelings of panic due to chemical overload on brain

·       Irregular heartbeat because of drug use

·       Irritability with one’s self or desire to punish one’s self

·       Loss of interest in pleasurable activities

·       Mood swings become common

·       Restlessness from lack physical activity

·       Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there

·       Thoughts of killing oneself increases as life’s successes become fewer


       One of the troubles with being high or stoned on drugs is that you lose control of your bodily functions. There you are, having a really great time, when suddenly you notice your pants are damp and warm, and you realize you needed to use a restroom 30 minutes ago, but you got involved in something and forgot to go. Sometimes women get strung out on drugs and decide to “freshen up” by putting some makeup on before going out. This seldom works out well. As she travels from one store to the next, she doesn’t realize she has missed most of her mouth and has smeared lipstick all over her face. Not only that, but using illegal drugs for an extended time can cause people to not care about what they look like, and they may get quite out of shape and chunky due to laziness and the mental inability to muster up enough energy to exercise.

      It may seem like a great idea to get stoned on a cocktail of mixed chemicals, but the next day is never good. Often people get sick just thinking of food and the digestion process, and they push food away. Abusing drugs does not just impact your health in areas of nutrition.  When people get stoned on drugs, they don’t necessarily feel physical pain the way they should.  They might cut themselves and not take the time to seek out first aid, neglecting the wound until it has festered into an infected sore. 

      Enjoying the event of getting blasted on drugs is great until the party ends when someone has clogged his/her throat and can’t breathe.  He/she starts vomiting, and it’s no wonder considering all the drugs that have been consumed at the party. Reaching that point of no return is not cool, nor does fun, when everyone notices that guy tripping on dope have phlegm dripping down his chin. There is nothing attractive, or fun, about that.

          To help you to become strong against using drugs for whatever reason, you need to use your mental strength as a pychological self defense against drugs and those who would encourage you to use them.  Anyone offering or selling drugs to you is not on your side!  All they will do for you is assist you to take the lazy way out of responsibilities, and cause you not to care. You have a job – a directive, and that is to grow in maturity to become strong and healthy. You must educate yourself by staying drug free so you can be a success in this world. Imagine you are Superman, or Batman, or any one of a dozen other superheroes who want to protect America against crime.  You can be that super hero in your mind!  Yes, you can be a superhero just by the way you think and act.


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       Many people associate alcohol with feelings of freedom and fun. Where there is some truth to the idea that having a drink or two may help you relax and enjoy life, it also has potential for terrible consequences when people lose control of themselves by drinking too much. Our brains are able to hold on to good memories and access them whenever we want. Likewise, that same brain can bring back memories we wish we could forget which may lead us to being sad and depressed. To be sure, life happens whether we are under the influence of booze or not, how much better to be lucid enough to remember the good times and not drunk enough to have been a cause for bad times.   

          Once we realize the many fruits and vegetables we buy and eat can be distilled into alcohol, we begin understand how sweet the earth really is. We need to understand, however, that too much of a good thing can be bad for us. Alcohol, like many other drinks and foods we consume, turns to sugar through the process of digestion. We need to understand that all this sweetness could lead to illness and sometimes death, leaving all of us very sorrowful.  Therefore the next time you want to go out and get sloshed on booze and make a complete fool out of yourself, we encourage you to read this chapter of our book to get the booze monkey off your back.


          People need more information to stop abusing alcohol so they can make more informed decisions on how best to live their lives. People of all ages are invited to read the many stories in this chapter to gain more information to put forward in living their lives more successfully.


          Stay with us as we use light humor to present a more relaxed way to make informed choices and to be aware of the downside of alcohol. We must first understand how and why many people slip into serious problems of alcohol dependency. For the people who experience serious alcohol related problems, we suggest they seek out professional counseling. At no time do we wish to belittle or chastise people who have or had serious problems stemming from alcohol abuse. We only wish to put forward a light humored and entertaining point of view to help make us realize that we should not over-indulge in the use of alcohol.


          Many times our world has benefited from individuals who have been isolated from their immediate societies and have dedicated their lives to perfecting miraculous discoveries and inventions.  Sadly, the same can be said in the opposite direction.  Loneliness and unsociability can cause one to be anti-social in the most unforgiving ways, leading them to do terrible things, and rather than perfecting beneficial discoveries, they spend time perfecting poisonous formulas that terrorize the world.


          When Al Cohol finished his academic studies and ventured out into the world, he decided to pursue research and development in the field of agriculture.  As Albert would travel near and far, his poor personal hygiene and miserable personality always caused rejection from people around him. He would constantly find himself alone because no one wanted to be near him, which continued to make him all the more miserable.


          Year after year, Al would intensify his studies on different agricultural experiments on nature’s goodness. While Cohol was trying to perfect one formula after other with different vegetables, fruits and grains for various uses, his efforts were constantly ignored by those around him because they couldn’t stand to be near the stench. Eventually his mentors called a meeting to do something about mean ole Al and decided to cut his funding once his current project was finished.


          Shortly before Al was to leave the learning institute, his administrators found him in a state of insanity. It seems that by mixing and processing various agricultural products, he had perfected a technique that caused people to become very giggly and ridiculous. Only Al realized the potential for these new formulas, which in reality made anyone who tested his concoctions very intoxicated.


          One day a stranger dressed in black clothes appeared in the laboratory to make Al a deal he could not refuse. The offer was to provide money to keep Al making new drink formulas once Al was no longer with the learning institute. Al would then be able to concentrate on how to entice more people to abuse his formulas and the stranger would pay his expenses. The man in black planned to distribute these new formulas all over the world.


          The stranger spoke in deep-tones, and with utter seriousness in his voice as he proclaimed, “Your name, Al Cohol, will be the name of this new worldwide poison.  This poison that when abused will make people do crazy wild things, and will eventually drive them insane.” Thus, Alcohol became the base of many drinks that subjected millions upon millions of people, for thousands of years thereafter to suffer untold misery and pain when they drank too much Alcohol. Continuing on, the stranger explained, “Alcohol will become part of society making it a very useful commodity in our world, but at the same time may become the beginning of the end for many fools.” 


          People who abuse alcohol will falter and become miserable, and their lives will get turned upside down. Eventually they will trap themselves within in their addictive existence and will never become anything worthwhile. People who are able to raise themselves up from lower levels to positions of success and responsibility will have to be especially careful not to abuse alcohol, for “those who abuse will lose.” Many times certain words lend themselves to rhyme with other words to give an indication of its true meaning, for example, ‘alcohol,’ pronounced very slowly can sound like ‘all-go-hell!’ 


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          Our tour guide for this talk is a young lady by the name of Ami Washedup. Ami was chosen to serve as our tour guide after we saw her selfie that was taken one evening when she was out gambling.  She ended up losing all of her weekly pay check, withdrew all of her funds from her debit account, withdrew all available funds from her credit card account, pawned her wedding ring and borrowed the last three bucks and eighty cents from her boyfriend, who is actually no longer her boyfriend. When people lose their money gambling it makes them very unhappy and it show in their faces. Finally at the end of the night Ami looked up into the sky and proclaimed in a fit of misery, “am I washed up?!”  We just knew Ami would be perfect for this part of our story, so please enjoy her commentary.

            To avoid gambling take the long way around the local casino, racetrack or wherever it is that is sucking you dry. Whatever you do, stay away from those betting joints, because they will reach out and put the big bite on your treasures leaving you flat broke.

              Gambling is a major financial problem in America. By not wanting to single out any one particular gambling activity, we have tried to include all forms of it to show how wide spread gambling really is. Please understand, we are only able to include the most popular of gambling traps where people waste their money.

          As you will see, we use many ludicrous statements, spiced with redundantly ridiculous scenarios, to show people trapped in the compulsion to gamble their hard-earned money away. To accomplish this, we have created a rhythm of rhetorical gambling nonsense that will awaken you to the money you are wasting! 

Over the Falls Gambling

          To begin illustrating some losing situations lets take a trip to Niagara Falls, New York. As you know, Niagara Falls is often considered to be a Seventh Wonder of the World, and the Honey-Moon Capital of the world.  Many entrepreneurs have set up businesses over the years to make Niagara Falls a complete tourist fantasy land, especially on the Canadian side of the Falls.

           One of the greatest gambling expansions to begin operating in the northeast took place in Niagara Falls in the late 1990’s. People living near the falls have always enjoyed the convenience of living close to Canada. Once casino gambling became legal, Niagara Falls built a thriving casino business.  So here you are having a ball: taking in the shows, great food, and anything else you can find to enjoy. Like many other people you will first want to head out to try some casino gambling. Who knows? You could get lucky and win a million dollars - even a couple hundred would be great.  Once arriving at the casino of your choice, you yank out some money and started jamming some of your bucks into the very interesting slot machines. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you play quite a while before you win anything.  Then once you do, you continue playing, only to lose all of your winnings again.  On many hopeful trips to the casino, several different scenarios may play out, to the thrilling consequence of you losing all of your money. You might want to call it expensive entertainment or surly, a learning experience!


           You are learning that casinos can be very expensive places. You are learning that casinos can be very emptying experiences as well.  Casinos are fantasies and can be monetarily extinguishing. Many people appear to be thinner when exiting a casino compared to when they first entered.  We have found the reason for this: they have lost their money, making their wallets thinner. Many other people go home to eat dinner because they too have lost all their money and can’t afford to eat at a restaurant.


          There is just so much to learn at casinos! All cross-sections of society love going to casinos, since casinos are not prejudiced. Casinos will take anyone’s money! We knew of a landscaping contractor who lost a bundle and later said his sure bets turned out to be shear bets, as he lost his money. Still another person retorted, “Casinos make you cents-less,” and yet another said, “Casinos will make your money extinct.” One thing is for sure, casinos promote famine, as we know they succeed at failure.


          You might hear people leaving a casino saying they are on their way to their bank to get more money. That money is usually in the form of a loan, because they have probably already lost all of their available cash. A cousin of mine went on a vacation to Niagara Falls, only to come home with another great assessment on casinos. Cousin Janie proclaimed, “Casinos provide seating for your assets.”  After losing three months of mortgage payments and realizing how much money she let slip through her fingers, and not being very happy about it, she said, “Casinos are self-a-steamed.”


          Just by paying attention, everyone can see casinos are monetary escapes and that’s just what casinos do, help your money escape from your pockets.”  This is also why many casino players do not have estates. Many people do not realize how much they lose because of the usually slow pace they lose their money although it adds up through many frequent trips there.


          In most cases, people start patronizing casinos with their spare money that they call “mad money.” The only problem is, as they lose their mad money it makes them very sad.  Slowly they come to realize many terms and uses of words start to bear new meanings. For example, after losing your money you blurt out, casinos are deductable, and casinos are monetary confinement.


          A buddy of mine came back from a trip from one of those Niagara Falls casinos only to say that while playing poker he only needed a deuce to complete his low end straight but didn’t get it and ended up losing a lot of money.  He said, “Casinos de-duce your money.” In other words, casinos are where you bury your money as a way of deceptively de-capitalizing your bankroll.


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            Birds of the same feather fly together just like many of people of the same living standards usually accompany each other. As an example, smokers hang with smokers, and people who like to eat a lot hang with fellow eaters. It only makes sense for all of us to make ourselves as comfortable as possible.  The problem is when we indulge in things that are not good for us, there are always consequences.


          Most of us know relationships with other people whether in marriage or any other domestic relationship will mean we have to give-give and give some more. It’s no wonder many people want to smoke cigarettes. Many of us just can’t stand up to our partners for fear of creating even more problems so we seek an outlet such as smoking. We need to understand our indulgence in what is not good for us leads to even more problems. I have a very good friend that used to smoke cigarettes but by talking good sense to him to make him realize cigarette Smoking would be his down fall, he pumped up his enthusiasm and made the all out effort to finally quit.  My friend knows quite a bit about many different subject matters and helps many people with his very commonsense approach to understanding many things and can be very helpful. He used to always to have a smelly, stinking cigarette dangling from his mouth, but now he is free from the terrible habit of smoking.  Even so, he still goes by the nick name of Joe Butts. In this chapter Joe Butts and I will team up to tell you many stories to convince you, and everyone we can, to quit smoking cigarettes.


          The power of knowledge is a wonderful thing. The only problem with acquiring knowledge is sometimes the experience required for the lesson is terrifying. Take smoking cigarettes as a case in point. Today not many people would argue the fact that smoking leads to getting cancer. The shame is that millions of people over the last 40 or 50 years have had to die excruciatingly horrifying deaths due to cigarette smoking.


          Joe Butts believes smoking became popular because of the way it was glamorized in movies. Just thinking of all those handsome magnetic men and beautiful women puffing away on their cigarettes still makes Joe remember how smoking was glamorously portrayed. Then along came television, with stars like Dean Martin, who chain smoked cigarettes all throughout his show while beautiful women were swarming all around him.


          I believe advertisers hired by cigarette manufacturers glamorized smoking to the point it became an accepted necessity. Back when Joe and I were young in the 1960s, it seemed like everyone smoked cigarettes. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t smoke cigarettes people thought there was probably something wrong with you.


          My father was an avid reader and seemed to read everything he could get his hands on. One day my father must have read an article about second hand smoke, which led to an experiment that evening.  He had my brother, sister and I watch the experiment and it has impacted us to this day.  Dad lit the cigarette and let it burn while pointing out the blue smoke that was emitting from the burning cigarette. He then inhaled deeply from the Cigarette and drew the smoke down into his lungs. Next he pulled out his white handkerchief and exhaled the smoke from his lungs into the handkerchief.  He then spread the handkerchief out across his open hand to show us that the exhaled smoke was all brown and nasty looking. Dad said all the blue in the smoke was the adhesive that glued the cigarette paper together, and that it would be stuck down in his lungs. He went on to explain he was suspicious the burnt glue acted as an adhesive to keep much of the tar and nicotine residue stuck to the inside of people’s lungs. Realizing tobacco is an agricultural product that grows, he also suspected that if the tobacco residue stayed inside the lungs long enough it could possibly turn into cancer growths that could spread throughout our bodies.


          Joe recites many incidences of problems with smoking cigarettes that often turned into nightmares. Imagine driving down the street smoking a cigarette, and suddenly the flame falls off your cigarette and lands on the seat next to your pants. You suddenly start hysterically jumping up and down and all around, so you don’t get burned in an especially sensitive area. Or perhaps you may be driving down the street smoking, and the wind suddenly blows the flame off your cigarette, almost hitting you in the eye(Ouch!). Maybe you bought a new shirt or pair of pants and on that same day you drop flame from your cigarette, and it lands on your new digs, burning a nasty hole in them. Ashes have caused holes in furniture, drapes and other possessions. Imagine how you would feel if someone was careless about his/her cigarette and burned a hole in the seats of your car.  You would be rather angry. 


          Many cigarette smokers in New York State are losing weight at an amazingly exhilarated rate. It seems the Penalty Tax which is on top of the Luxury Tax has made the cost of cigarettes so high that many people are forgoing the necessity of eating food in favor of continuing to buy cigarettes. Sources reveal that these people think smoking a cigarette lasts longer than the food they eat. This statement has been corroborated by the fact that many smokers are low income and can’t afford both their smokes and their food.


          The phrase, “Kicking Butt” has taken on a new meaning lately as Cigarettes have gotten more expensive to buy. At one time the saying, Kicking Butt meant to get rough and tough with someone or something to get a matter accomplished. Now a days it means that when you’re walking down the Sidewalk and you see a half burned up Cigarette, you Kick the Butt over to the side, so you can bend over to pick it up to finish smoking it to save money.


          Another troubling thing about keeping a Cigarette Smoking Habit is; you’re all dressed up to go out on the town for a good time, all of a sudden Mother Nature lets go with a Thunderous Rain Storm. Naturally you didn’t wear your Gucci Rain Jacket which means your clothes are soaked and the pack of Cigarettes in your shirt pocket also just got drenched by the rain. The night is ruined and there you are back home changing clothes and getting ready to slide each one of your Cigarettes very cautiously from the package to lay them someplace to dry out so you will still be able to smoke them later on.


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     Now that you have been informed of so many ways to build the strength of your thoughts to fight off the temptations in the many ways you can abuse yourself, I would like to give you some examples of ways inner strength is demonstrated by the people that surround us.  Maybe these examples can help you build your own strength, which is necessary to live a good life.

     Remember your grandmother, how strict and dedicated she was to her way of life?  Perhaps your parents have been the pillars of strength for you. Even if you didn’t have family members of strong character, certainly you can relate to business people within your community who have had to continue being strong in character to continue in their businesses. You see their Mansions or Maserati Automobiles or whatever, and you say to yourself, “Wow!  How could they own all of that?”  It’s easy- they have dedicated themselves to pursuing their dreams and enjoying a better life for themselves and their    families. To be able to accomplish their success, they have been prepared to put forth all the extra effort necessary to acquire their goals and even more dedication to keep what    they have earned.  Even if it’s impossible to reach this high, what would be wrong with a brand new Chevy Impala compared to the jalopy you’re driving now?


       These eight talks that will be given over a period of eight weeks are just a sample of our continuous self improvement talks you will receive over the period of one year.  Our many stories and advice will mean managers can give employees many different humorous situations to make them aware of any substance or life style abuses they may be overindulging in. There are hundreds of methods, sayings, product illustrations, stories, etc. that illustrates the positives of self improvement in our SOFT Self Improvement Management talks that we will make available to managers.


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