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              To ensure disabled veterans, spouses and dependents are properly compensated; Please consider having the spouse-stipend amount paid to veterans who are awarded 30% and higher compensation raised to half or 50% of what the veteran’s compensation rate is now at. This will show honor and appreciation to disabled veterans and their spouses.

  disabled veterans 30% and higher should also receive a 25% stipend of what the veteran’s compensation rate is now at to be payable for each dependent.

               The current payment consideration for spouses and dependents does not reflect a true expenses amount of cost living expenses for a spouse or dependents and likewise needs to be set at a higher percentage (stipend) amount.

              If you agree with this request to have VA disability spouse and dependents stipends increased please sign our petition at;

 Locate Moveon Petitions on the Internet and; Search for Disabled Veteran’s Spouse and Dependents Stipend increase

Please sign at: Disabled Veteran's spouse and dependents stipend increase


How to have Corporations with off-shore headquarters pay for the Higher stipend Percentage Rates for Spouse/Dependents Stipends.  

              Corporations with off shore (out of the United States of America, Hawaii, Alaska and its’ territories) Headquarters need to have a law passed by Congress that will assess a new OUT of COUNTRY HEADQUARTERS TAX  or DOING BUSINESS IN AMERICA  TAX equal to what they used to pay for taxes when they maintained headquarters  in America. This new taxation will be for American corporations who do business in American mainland United States and to include Hawaii, Alaska and all U.S. territories. As an example; if a corporation would pay 25% for income taxes when operating out of their headquarters stationed in the United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Territories of America, their new DOING BUSINESS IN AMERICA rate of taxation would be 25% or equal to what they paid before they relocated their headquarters out of America proper.

              More aptly put; a corporation who used to pay one hundred million on a profit of four hundred million; they would now be required to pay a 25% OUT of COUNTRY HEADQUARTERS TAX or DOING BUSINESS IN AMERICA TAX. We expect that this new re-assessment tax on American Corporations who wishes to do business in America could reach or exceed 10 billion dollars. The stipend raise to veterans rated 30% and more could amount to an extra one billion dollars, meaning the United States Government could keep the extra NINE BILLION DOLLARS in recovered taxation losses and still honor their disabled veterans with the proper honor deserved them for defending our nation.

 This Bill to be passed by Congress will also encourage other corporations who do business in America to keep their headquarters right here in America. 

If you agree with this request to have VA disability spouse and dependents stipends increased please sign my petition at;

 Locate Moveon Petitions on the Internet and; Search for Disabled Veteran’s Spouse and Dependents Stipend increase or click on address below and forward to your veteran’s  interested contact list.

Please sign at: Disabled Veteran's spouse and dependents stipend increase


Current example of what a 40% disabled veteran receives each month and what it should be.

Congress needs to pass a special tax law that will force American Corporations who have relocated their headquarters overseas (out of mainland America, Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Possessions) to avoid paying income taxes on profits made from doing business in America will be requested by law to provide tax dollars to pay for disabled veterans spouse and dependent stipend increase and return obligated taxation dollars to our government.

              Our government will recover several billions of dollars from corporations who do not pay their corporate taxes will pay for a spousal stipend raise to 50%  and 25% dependents stipend  raise based on what the 30% and higher disabled veteran currently receives for their monthly compensation amount.

Currently a 30% rated disabled veteran receives an estimated $380.00 per month plus around 5% for their spouses to add $19.00 per month to raise their compensation up to $399.00 per month. If the veteran has dependents they also receive an estimated 3% for each dependent that adds another $5.70 for each dependent—rounded up to the next dollar amount adds another $6.00 per dependent. Using an average of two dependents per disabled veteran adds another $12.00 to their compensation amount. Adding the $19.00 spouse and two dependents of $12.00 to the base $380.00 now brings the disabled veterans compensation to $411.00 per month. This amount is woefully underrated and does not reflect any assimilation to current day expenses the 30% disabled veteran is expected to spend on their spouse or dependents.

              A newly adapted congressionally adapted Bill for spousal/dependents of disabled veterans rated 30% and higher should be as follows:

 Disabled veterans should have a spousal stipend of 50% of their compensation rating included in their monthly payments as spouses do many of the family related deeds that the disabled veteran cannot do because of their disabilities. The spouse also has to work with affected mental attitudes of most PTSD veterans and many times cannot work outside of the house because they have to take care of their disabled veteran spouses. Using the 30% disabled veterans compensation of $380 per month and adding the 50% for their spouse will bring the new amount to $570.00 per month. Concerning the stipend raise for dependents, an adjusted amount of 25% of the 30% compensation rate received by the disabled veteran would add $95.00 per dependent. In many cases when there is a disabled veteran in the household the dependent also have to do extra duties to help the disabled veteran and also have to contend with their disabled veterans PTSD.  If there were two dependents, the adjusted amount would be $190.00 per month. Adding the new spousal 50% and two 25% dependent stipend amounts to the current 30% disabled veterans compensation would now total $760.00 per month. This amount will increase by $380.00 per month and be more in line with the veteran’s sacrifices they made in defense of their nation.



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