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Purple Heart

Honor Purple Heart Recipients, Order your Purple Heart Flag today

3’ by 5’ Nylon, $59.95

2’ by 3’ Nylon, $39.95
Plus $4.95 Shipping and Handling

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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Purple Heart Flag


Now offering our newest Purple Heart art.
Desk top displays are 5” high by 7” wide by 2” deep

Hard board stained in English Chestnut or Red Maple, please indicate.
$29.95 each, includes tax--- add $4.50 shipping for a total of $34.45
Also available in crystal clear polished Acrylic for $49.95 includes tax—add $4.50 shipping for a total of $54.45
Delivery in 4-6 weeks, ships regular mail

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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Please indicate your favorite expression:
Purple Heart/Eagle with inscription

Hard board stained in English Chestnut or Red Maple $34.95
Polished Acrylic $54.45

Purple Heart no inscription

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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Hard board stained in English Chestnut or Red Maple $34.95
Polished Acrylic $54.45

Many combat wounded veterans suffer the physical and mental wounds from when they were in combat. You can now purchase this crucifixion scene to show the sacrifices many Americans have made to keep American principals and freedoms safe for all Americans.

Military man on Cross

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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Hard board stained in English Chestnut or Red Maple $34.95
Polished Acrylic $54.45

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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Purple Heart Monument

Hard board stained in English Chestnut or Red Maple $34.95
Polished Acrylic $54.45


Our American and Purple Heart flag's self portrait

Send us a picture of yourself or a loved one you want inserted next to the American flag and we will send it back in a 5” by 7” picture frame. Call 716-587-1120  or e-mail  russbuis@aol.com  $29.95 plus $4.00 Shipping and handling.


Purple Heart Sunburst

 $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling This sunburst comes in a dark Walnut stained frame.

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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We can custom prepare this Purple Heart with a Peace sign or Sabre sign. Signs are 8"x10".  Just call 716-587-1120  or e-mail  russbuis@aol.com  $19.95 plus $4.00 Shipping and handling.

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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Purple Heart Representation

The Purple Heart Medal is given posthumously to families of soldiers who were killed and awarded to those wounded in combat of war. The importance of the medal is; it represents all races, religions national origins, nationalities, genders and ages of soldiers as ONE AMERICA.

The Purple Heart Medal is most reverend in America, it is representable by 2 national holidays and a national observance day every year, MEMORIAL DAY, (last Monday in May) VETERANS DAY (November 11th ) AND  NATIONAL PURPLE HEART DAY (AUGUST 7th)

PURPLE HEART MEDAL PLAQUE for Gravestone Markers and Monuments that honor those killed in wartime combat.

Made from a concrete derivative, totally weatherproof, 8 inches long by 3 inches wide by I inch thick, weighs 11 ounces.

 Adheres to all surfaces with construction grade Velcro. If bonding agents are used (rough up both bonding surfaces for permanent placement.)  

All items can be purchased though our squreup site.

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 $135.00 includes shipping.

Purple Heart Medal Plaque   Purple Heart Medal Plaque

For ordering, Contact at 716-587-1120 or russbuis@aol.com


American flag sample


Originated by; Author, Purple Heart Recipient Russell D. Ward
Computer Graphics and electronic composition;  by Daughter, Joanna Miller
Copyright: 2016 These prints are not to be photocopied or printed in any way electronically or manually unless granted permission from the author.

Russell has originated the following icon photos with images of our Purple Heart to bring forward the many honors and thoughts a Purple Heart Recipient may have had since the time of their combat wounds continuing forward thru the years of their lives. This display also honors those soldiers who were killed in combat action to express the importance of their sacrifice to keep America free.

The importance of this display also brings us forward to realize; we the members of THE MILITARY ORDER of the PURPLE HEART are the keepers of the door in which those soldiers who were killed in all American wars passed through to be forever remembered as the greatest sacrifice that was ever given to keep all Americans safe and free from tyranny. All Purple Heart Recipients are given with the responsibility to make all Americans remember the sacrifice of SOME GAVE ALL- ALL GAVE SOME as we must always be cognizant of those that harbor ill and hatred for our FREE AMERICAN WAYS.

(All Purple Heart Recipients are asked to please join the MOPH to preserve our American ideas and the sacrifices we proudly make to protect our country.)


All prints 6”x 9” in full color and presented in a light or dark colored frame with protective cover.  No tax due.  $19.95

If you wish to purchase all of the prints we will bind all of the prints with a spiral binding to create a Coffee Table Book. $79.95

Please order prints by number or entire book at 716-587-1120 or russbuis@aol.com

Delivery will be in 8 to 10 weeks and includes postage cost.


Memoirs and Musings of Russell D. Ward
Purple Heart Recipient Patriot

              Russell has published his own story on the memoirs and musings of his lifetime. His story begins in 1947, after surviving threats of abortion, he tells the story of his family’s origins, his very adventurous youth leading to his time spent in Vietnam.  His long term drug abuse, divorce and subsequent loss of his sons led to years of exceptional experiences and situations that follow a PTSD combat wounded veteran. Russell lived through near death incidents to an actual out-of-body experience.

front Cover


The book is avaliable from Amazon for $16.95 or you can purchase the ebook from Amazon for $4.89

          Russell D. Ward served in Vietnam in 1967-68 for 6 and a half Months until he was wounded during an attempt to take out a North Vietnamese machine gun position during the TET OFFENSIVE at HUE has dedicated himself to honor veteran’s causes. Now in 2016 Russell is observing 48 years since he was shot in the lower left leg by an AK-47 Semi Automatic Russian made Rifle. The wound was through much tissue and though not considered life-threatening, the subsequent surgery was not successful as too much  muscle covering (fascia) was removed, leaving much of the muscle  unprotected and bulging outward to cause much unnecessary pain and consciousness of the  wounded  area that has led to a lifetime of disability.

          After living through a haze of ten years of dependency on prescription and recreational drugs, Russell was fortunate enough to be hired by the United States Postal Service. The new opportunity instantly made him give up drugs as he wanted to make sure he would keep his job the rest of his working days. In the years afterward, he would come to regret the character assassination he served himself with his continued use of drugs. He would always wonder how better life could have been without those influences on his life.

          Over the years, Russell has developed a method of making fun of and ridiculing the matter of abusing food, drugs, alcohol, gambling and smoking cigarettes. He believes people need to make light of things they may abuse, to make them small and unimportant to make people know they can conquer these habits



Click below to purchase the book, $16.95  plus $4.95 S&H.
Please allow 
6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

You can now put in your order for the new 2020 Purple Heart Calendar. (order in lots of 100 @ $3.75 each. Or single order calendar $14.95) free shipping

We have new scenes of nature to honor Purple Heart Recipients every month of the year. Contact Russ Ward, 716-587-1120 delivery in 6-8 weeks. Free shipping


Monthly Calendar of Purple Heart Inspirations 2020




Help Wounded Veterans


Disabled Veterans Rated 30% and Higher VA Compensation, Spousal and Dependent’s Stipend Allowance Increase (NOT COLA)


            There are many Disabled American Veterans who receive compensation for combat wounds, many diseases and sicknesses that amount to 30% or more. These disabled veterans also receive a small stipend amount for their spouses and dependents.

              Many of these veterans who do not qualify for Social Security suffer severe financial burdens as their compensation is their only source of income. For many years after a 30% and higher rated Disabled Veteran goes through life, they are only given a small amount of money to assist with their expenses for having a spouse and or dependents. This is also especially true after a Veteran and Spouse turns age 62 because the veteran may not qualify to receive money from Social Security meaning the spouse cannot collect half of their spouse’s amount as in cases of  married couples who do qualify for Social security.


              Spouses and Dependents of Disabled Veterans also assist and endure the inconveniences and agonies of physical handicaps of their disabled veteran. Spouse’s and dependent’s, many times have to give up their very own personal employment and life choices to care for their disabled spouse or parent veteran. There are also many challenges a spouse or dependent must confront on a daily basis due to a disabled veteran’s mental state of PTSD that in many cases allows the disabled veteran to stay at home to be cared for by the spouse or dependent instead of being admitted to hospitals and veterans Hospitals in particular.

              The current stipend formula the Veterans Administration uses for spouses and dependents is only a fraction of what Disabled Veterans rated 30% and more need to receive, to offset the financial security given to those spouses and dependents in exchange for their dedications to care for the Disabled Veteran. Comparatively, Social Security gives a spouse and dependents a much more generous stipend to spouses and dependents meaning spouses and dependents of Disabled Veterans 30% and more, need to be made whole and right to have spouse, dependents stipend raised to a higher percentage paid to the Veteran.

             Disabled Veterans 30% and higher who fought and represented America in times of war and military presence who are married and or have dependents need to receive a higher percentage (stipend) allowance paid to them for their spouses and dependents to help pay living expenses. The percentage of compensation that is awarded to a disabled veteran is for their income adjustment is in lieu of their existing disabilities to help pay their individual living and family expenses and for pain and suffering.

To continue Russell’s pledge to always try helping combat wounded and all veterans.

Follow this link for SOLUTION:


              If you agree with this request to have VA disability spouse and dependents stipends increased please Go to: Moveon Petitions, search for and sign at: Disabled Veteran's spouse and dependents stipend increase

Or copy paste the address below to sign petition:::

 http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/disabled-veterans-spouse-1?source=c.em&r_by=5523289 Military Order of the Purple Heart

  Purple Heart Recipients please contact us to become a life member of THE MILITARY ORDER of the PURPLE HEART


Russell Ward in front of Salvatore’s Purple Heart Monument

           Mr. Russell J. Salvatore of Russell’s Steaks, Chops and More, has gone beyond civic duty and has erected a specially designed Purple Heart Monument in his Patriots and Hero’s and Park, located in front of his restaurant at 6672 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY.


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